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ARS Alphabet is an innovative educational and recreational field application, that uses augmented reality.

Give life to animals present on the Card, and teaches the alphabet to your children entertained!
Have you ever seen walking a dinosaur on your desk?
With ARS Alphabet you can: download the app ARS alphabet, install it on your device and enjoy augmented reality simply by framing the 21 Card present in the package.

Curious to try it and would like to entertain your kids by offering recreational and educational content product simultaneously?

Buy your pack of Cards at Amazon:



If you use Android download the app from the play store:



If you use Apple download the app from the app store:



Follow the instructions:
1) starts the application;
2) point the camera on a Card;
3) Enjoy the experience ARS alphabet!

1) listens to the name of the animal with the speaker button;
2) Listen and review the direction of the animal with the key verse;
3) play educational content on the animal doing tap the question icon.

  • No ads and no additional features for a fee;
  • The application works both online and offline;
  • Enjoy!