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"We have a high degree of flexibility and adaptability."

Our company, an ex-partner ESRI and Autodesk, has always worked on geographic information systems (GIS).

More recently we became the leading technological partner of the Basilicata region in the implementation of the regional spatial data infrastructure, identified locally by its acronym RSDI (Regional Spatial Data Infrastructure).

In this context, the company has made important systems and services, some available publicly through the GeoPortal of Basilicata (, other than private type accessed by regional offices. The services provided by the platform, are used every day, in different fields, over 1400 users.

The most important services made in this area were:

Publish the Database Geotopografico (Regional technical map) of Basilicata, conforming to DM 10 November 2011.

The system MS-BAS for the publication and dissemination of materials produced by seismic microzoning studies, made in relation to the territory of Lucania.

The WebGis module "contamination and soil remediation", within the project Environmental Catalog in the Basilicata region, containing information about sites communicated to potential and/or actual exceeding the threshold concentrations of contamination in soil and groundwater, subject to the preliminary investigation, characterization and remediation;

The geographic information system integrated with the land registry System and a water Reservation (websites-CaP) of the consortium of reclamation of Bradano and Metaponto.

The software system "Routes" for representation and dissemination of data on accidents occurring in the territory of the municipality of Matera, integrated with the platform of regional geographic data named RSDI;

The SIT ALSIA, geographic information system of the Agency of development and innovation in agriculture;

The prototype of the WebGis of road Isodistanze of Commons lucani;

The system of data exchange with the Agenzia del Territorio (now Inland Revenue), functionally analogous to the known SIGMATer system in use in different Italian regions, but made entirely with open source technologies;

The catalogue of spatial data, in line with the directions of the European directive Inspire and National Repertoire of spatial data (RNDT);

The webgis platform for consulting projects RSDI, named ViewGis;

The Repertoire of spatial data for urban planning.

Our strength?
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