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“We do web-space enterprise platforms able to represent different scenarios and analysis.”

It is a software platform for statistical uses, presented in its original version during the tenth National Statistics Conference held in Rome on 15/December 16, 2010.

The platform has been expanded recently to support the Agriculture Department statistical system and to create dashboards for data, their representation and generic monitoring departmental performance indicators.

The environment is integrated with the regional system IMS authentication.

Ultimately Sigeos represents a new software platform for analysis and display of data of all kinds. It is a system that enables users to view the data available from PA with different levels of access: Opendata or reserved at the Office.

The platform has a wide variety of visualization tools, versatile and lends itself to any kind of presentation to the web.

The system is structured with two levels of application:
• The authoring environment or design views statistics (SiGeos Dash);
• The environment by use of projects.

Both levels are accessible through a web interface evolved based on flash plugin.

Our platform is compatible and tested with Windows 10

Our latest products, using SiGeos technology, are the site BasilicataStatistica and Dashboard technology.