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Do you have a project you would like to convert 2D into 3D?
You have an object drawn manually, including revolving around the prototype for future fingertips?
Our Team of experts is ready to do all the work for you, with accuracy and reliability. You will be able to perform more detailed 3D models more accurate, how much will the information you give us.
We can manufacture any type of project: from CAD modeling organic modeling.
A digital object created through our modeling service allows to obtain photorealistic renderings of the same. Alternatively you can create a physical copy using 3D printing.
It's up to you, depending on your needs.

To achieve the best possible result, follow these simple tips:
• Prepare your project, even hand-drawn, including the largest number of dimensions and measures possible;
• Draws all views in various angles (front view, premium, right sidebar, left sidebar, etc …) and one or more isometric views or perspectives;
• Indicates exactly how many parts is composed the entire project;
• Specifies whether you want to take advantage of our 3D printing service or would you rather get a photorealistic rendering of your project.

– 3D modeling;
– On-demand service of photorealistic model realized;
– Checking, correction and optimization of 3D files supplied by the client intended for 3D printing.
– 3d printing of the templates provided by the client or through our service.

The cost of each service is evaluated in the estimate.
Request a custom quote by filling out the form below.

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