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"We deal with the collection, organizing and storage of data"

Strong of a solid technological infrastructure (Hardware and Software) and thanks to his experience, Lucana Sistemi S.r.l. is able to provide the client with a valid advisory support for data management to a constant optimization of the results of activities, both in terms of business and in terms of cost containment, in at least two broad areas:

  • Conception, creation and Database development;

  • Key operational advice for customizing and using BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE suite.

A DBMS is different from the general concept of database application, as it is designed for multi-user systems; to do this, the DBMS support multitasking and networking. Today, database theory, and DBMS, is one of the most solid and important strands of information technology, and us, a company providing it solutions at 360° we had to take care of that as well.