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"We specialize in information systems for managing training activities."

Our strategy is to continually expand the portfolio of products/services offered, in order to transfer to the customer a business value.

And it is for this reason that, apart from making information systems for the two provincial training agencies, we have designed and developed the information system for the Department through training, work and culture of the region Basilicata, called Sirfo2007.

Users who log on to the system are over 1500, and are classified by type of role and activities: Audit authority, certifying authority, managing authority, intermediate bodies and actuators.

We govern workflows for ESF operations management, which provides computerized integration of activities carried out by different actors for the implementation of the op ESF 2007-2013.

The overall objective of the PO, is to promote the development, full employment and quality of work, enhancing investment in human capital and research, improving adaptability of workers and enterprises, both public and private, paying particular attention to social integration and equal opportunities and rights of citizenship.

What do we do?

We adapt promoting it. ..